Monday, May 24, 2021

Roof Repair Tips to Use Before a Professional Roofer Arrives

A roof could spring a leak at any given moment and that could mean a potentially damaging situation in your home. Even an emergency roofer will not be able to arrive on the scene instantly. That means homeowners might need to do some patchwork of their own until a professional Charlotte NC roofing contractor arrives. Here are the steps to take should you face a sudden leak inside your home.

Catch the leak

At first, a leak will start to form a small pool in your ceiling until it locates a way to trickle downward. That trickling could start to come through something like a light fixture. Most times, the pool of water in the ceiling will expand and appear much worse. The key is to locate that pool, which may also be bulging. Next, jab a hole in its center with something sharp, like a screwdriver, and then use a bucket to catch the falling water. Allowing the water to escape will decrease the amount of damage to your ceiling.

Locate the leak

Just because you see water leaking through your ceiling, it does not mean you have located the source of the leak. If it is possible, wait until it stops raining because locating the leak in the rain can be rather difficult. Begin searching for the leak in the attic. Look for any water coming through, but also consider the slope of the roof. Water will usually move toward the closest plywood joint. Once it stops raining, you can also take a look on the roof and check for any missing shingles or other areas that may have been damaged and need Charlotte NC roof repair.

Stop the leak

There is not too much complexity in this step as the main way to stop a leak in your roof is to cover it with a tarp. The tarp should extend past the leak by at least a few feet and be held in place by a few heavy boards. There are also products that can be used to stop the leak. Products, such as roofing tape or roofing cement, can be used on the actual roof or on the deck, which can even be accessed through the attic.

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