Monday, October 26, 2020

Protect Your Roof Against Ice

ice dam in gutter, roof, roof problems that occur in winter, freezing weather
The winter months can be cold and unforgiving. That also applies to homes. A residential roof is extremely susceptible to damage during the winter months, especially when it comes to ice.

An ice dam on a roof can call for entire roof replacement, but the problem does not begin outside of the home. While ice dams form on the exterior of the home, the root of the problem starts from within.

Ice dams usually start in the gutter and work their way up a roof. These dams first begin to take form when the deck of the roof is warmed by heat that finds its way out of the attic. In the winter months, this heat melts snow on the roof. That melted snow turns to water and runs down towards the eaves and the gutters. As the water collects in those eaves and gutters, it begins to freeze up again.

That process continues as more melted snow refreezes. It also causes water to begin to mount underneath shingles and can actually soak through the roof decking. The end result is a large block of ice that causes damage not to not only attics, but to walls and ceilings as well.

The good news is there are ways to protect your home and roof against an ice dam. The first form of protection is proper ventilation. Having a ventilation system installed in your attic is one way to guarantee that your roof deck will remain cool. This takes care of the need to allow moisture to escape as excess amounts are produced by bathing, doing laundry and cooking.

residential home in winter covered with snow, roofing
Another way to protect your home is adequately insulating your attic. Most homes built prior to the 1980’s were not fitted with the proper insulation while newer homes should meet more up-to-date standards. The thickness of insulation is measured by R-values and there are recommended values for homes in each region of the country.

The final way to protect a home from ice dams is to invest in an ice shield or water shield. This product is a roofing underlayment which prevents ice from forming underneath shingles and flashing. Adding this type of product along with proper insulation and ventilation is a sure-fire way to keep ice off your roof and prevent any winter damage to your home.

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