Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Protect Your Roof from the Dangers of Summer Weather

Severe weather can take its toll on all kinds of roofs. However, when most people think of severe weather, visions of harsh winters usually come to mind.  While the winter months can cause their share of damage, the summer months can also leave residential and commercial roofs in disarray. Here’s a look at the biggest summer threats to your roof and several ways to combat them.


The most constant danger to roofs in the summer months is sunshine. UV rays from the sun can be very powerful, causing a roof to dry out and crack. There is really no way to keep the sun off your roof, although routine inspections can correct minor problems. Making small roof repairs every so often can extend the life of a roof, keeping roof replacement costs out of the equation for a long while. There are also protective coatings available which provide an extra layer of protection between shingles and the sun. Homeowners can also install cooling systems on their roof, which function by sporadically spraying a mist which keeps the roof cool.

High Winds

Winds can pick up during summer thunderstorms and really put roofs to the test. There is no way to protect your roof from high winds, but there are certain areas to check during routine summer inspections. The roof’s side walls and gables should be inspected as these are two areas that could be impacted by high winds. If left unattended to, high winds could force a gable to implode.


There is no way to predict when a hail storm will strike. However, there are ways to prepare for the threat of hail. Durable shingles can stand up to severe hail. There are different kinds of asphalt shingles that are impact resistant. When it comes time, ensure that your local roof replacement contractor uses quality material. These shingles generally cost a little more, but they can save homeowners costly repairs in the long term.


A lightning strike or high winds could separate branches from trees, causing them to tumble down onto roofs. Every summer, homeowners should do their own visual inspection of any neighboring trees. Those branches that are deemed a threat should be trimmed by a local tree-trimming service. What you will spend on trimming those trees could dim in comparison to roof repair.

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