Friday, December 13, 2019

How to Winterize Your Residential Roof

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Every year, it seems as though the winter months bring harsher and harsher conditions. That does not always bode well for homeowners as their roofs take the full brunt of Mother Nature at her worst. While we cannot prevent harsh winter weather from occurring, homeowners can take the necessary steps to extending the life of their roof. Here are some simple ways Rose Roofing Charlotte recommends to prepare your roof.

Remove Debris

Clear off any kind of debris from your roof. That includes any tree leaves, branches or other kinds of clutter from your roof and gutters. Leaving debris could lead to full gutters, which would then have a negative impact on drainage. A buildup of ice due to too much debris could result in costly roofing services in Charlotte. When removing debris, protect your hands with gloves and make sure to use protection that would guard against a fall.

Gutter Inspection

Clogs are not the only problem that could affect gutters. Small holes or cracks could grow to become very problematic. If there are any holes, or cracks, some simple patchwork could save you a lot of money and stress once the winter months start to take their toll.

Tree Trimming

Fierce winter winds can send tree limbs sailing through the air. Those limbs could do quite a bit of damage to a roof if they make an impact. When there are tree limbs that pose a hazard to your roof, hire a professional to trim those branches. One limb could do an immensity of damage and make for a costly and uncomfortable winter.

Chimney Cleaning

If you have a chimney, it is a good idea to have it cleaned every year, particularly before the temperatures plummet. The protection offered by a roof depends a great deal on the chimney area, which includes flashing and ice shield as well.

Check Interior Vents

During the frigid winter months, homeowners will depend on their heating systems to keep their families warm. A vent that has an obstruction will result in a buildup of moisture in the attic. That could lead to extensive damage on the roof. The installation of more vents could also stop the damming of any ice.

Evict Pests

Check the roof area for any signs of infestations or pests, such as mice and squirrels. Pests could do a lot of damage, which makes it important to ensure that your roof and attic area do not become a home to rodents.

Rose Roofing Charlotte can provide a solution to your roofing problems all year around. Whether you are in need of residential roofing repair or roof replacement, Rose Roofing answers the call with a team of the best roofing contractors Charlotte, NC provides to its citizens.