Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Protect Your Roof from the Dangers of Summer Weather

Severe weather can take its toll on all kinds of roofs. However, when most people think of severe weather, visions of harsh winters usually come to mind.  While the winter months can cause their share of damage, the summer months can also leave residential and commercial roofs in disarray. Here’s a look at the biggest summer threats to your roof and several ways to combat them.


The most constant danger to roofs in the summer months is sunshine. UV rays from the sun can be very powerful, causing a roof to dry out and crack. There is really no way to keep the sun off your roof, although routine inspections can correct minor problems. Making small roof repairs every so often can extend the life of a roof, keeping roof replacement costs out of the equation for a long while. There are also protective coatings available which provide an extra layer of protection between shingles and the sun. Homeowners can also install cooling systems on their roof, which function by sporadically spraying a mist which keeps the roof cool.

High Winds

Winds can pick up during summer thunderstorms and really put roofs to the test. There is no way to protect your roof from high winds, but there are certain areas to check during routine summer inspections. The roof’s side walls and gables should be inspected as these are two areas that could be impacted by high winds. If left unattended to, high winds could force a gable to implode.


There is no way to predict when a hail storm will strike. However, there are ways to prepare for the threat of hail. Durable shingles can stand up to severe hail. There are different kinds of asphalt shingles that are impact resistant. When it comes time, ensure that your local roof replacement contractor uses quality material. These shingles generally cost a little more, but they can save homeowners costly repairs in the long term.


A lightning strike or high winds could separate branches from trees, causing them to tumble down onto roofs. Every summer, homeowners should do their own visual inspection of any neighboring trees. Those branches that are deemed a threat should be trimmed by a local tree-trimming service. What you will spend on trimming those trees could dim in comparison to roof repair.

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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Hail Damage and Your Roof

There is no way of knowing when a hail storm is going to strike. There is also no way of protecting your roof from Mother Nature, but there are ways to check for hail damage and proceed accordingly from Rose Roofing Charlotte North Carolina. Damage from hail will differ according to each roof type. Hail damage to shingles will not look the same as hail damage on a metal roof. Here is a look at what to check for on your roof following a hail storm

Shingle Roof
Look for any signs of cracking in your shingles as it will indicate a loss of granules. Signs of damage usually appear in a circular fashion, especially when the hail was a little on the larger side. Hail can also leave dents in shingles, which is also referred to as bruising. If you believe a shingle to be damaged, press down against it. If you feel it give then it is indeed damaged.

Metal Roof
This type of damage will be easier to detect and it will show up the same way it does on cars or other pieces of metal. Actual dents will show where the hail impacted the roof and caused some damage.

Rubber Roof
These types of roof are a little trickier. Damage from hail does not always show up immediately. Little cuts will gradually appear over the course of time, so it is a good idea to get up on a rubber roof and check it out long after a hail storm has hit.

It is also important to fix any hail damage to your roof. Even if the hail damage does not cause a leak, it could allow water to collect under the shingles. That trapped moisture can lead to bigger problems in the future and the need for fast roof repair.

Hail damage can lessen the life of a roof and the main reason that happens on a shingle roof is because it breaks down the granules. Many insurance policies will cover the cost of fixing damage caused by hail. The important thing is to get up on your roof and quickly identify any damage. The next step is calling a reputable roofing company to take care of those problem areas.

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Sunday, January 13, 2019

What to Avoid When Maintaining Your Roof

Not every homeowner is well versed in all the finer points of Charlotte residential roof repair. However, homeowners can do their part in preserving and extending the life of their roofs. Here is a look at some tips on what not to do when it comes to maintaining your roof.

Don’t Walk on Your Roof More Than Needed

Sometimes, it will be necessary to get up on your roof and walk around. However, try to do this only when it is absolutely necessary. Shingles could be inadvertently and easily damaged by the simple tread from a person’s shoe.

Don’t Power Wash Your Roof

It's smart to remove debris and algae to keep your roof clean and in good working order. However,  power washing can damage your roof, possibly even removing parts of it that are undamaged. Power washing can damage your shingles and wind up doing more harm than good. Instead, try using some chlorine bleach to rid your roof of moss and algae.

Don’t Forget to Angle Your Gutters

Gutters should not be lined up perfectly straight, but should be slightly angled so that it allows water to flow to the downspout. It is a good idea to align your downspouts first before attempting to position your gutters.

Don’t Go on Your Roof Without Proper Safety Precautions

Any quality roofing company will tell you that one slight stumble could be disastrous, so it is important to take the proper safety precautions before going up on your roof. Use ladders that are safety-approved and make sure they are set up properly with someone else holding it in place.

Don’t Make Any Penetrations on The Roof

This is best left to the professionals. If you find something out of the ordinary, it is better to contact a professional before attempting any home repairs. You could wind up doing a lot of damage.

Don’t Neglect Your Warranty

Most roof installation comes with some type of warranty. Whenever there is a problem, make sure to read the fine print of your warranty. You could be eligible for roof repair without having to do anything on your own.

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