Friday, December 14, 2018

Protect Your Roof Against Ice

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The winter months can be cold and unforgiving. That also applies to homes. A residential roof is extremely susceptible to damage during the winter months, especially when it comes to ice.

An ice dam on a roof can call for entire roof replacement, but the problem does not begin outside of the home. While ice dams form on the exterior of the home, the root of the problem starts from within.

Ice dams usually start in the gutter and work their way up a roof. These dams first begin to take form when the deck of the roof is warmed by heat that finds its way out of the attic. In the winter months, this heat melts snow on the roof. That melted snow turns to water and runs down towards the eaves and the gutters. As the water collects in those eaves and gutters, it begins to freeze up again.

That process continues as more melted snow refreezes. It also causes water to begin to mount underneath shingles and can actually soak through the roof decking. The end result is a large block of ice that causes damage not to not only attics, but to walls and ceilings as well.

The good news is there are ways to protect your home and roof against an ice dam. The first form of protection is proper ventilation. Having a ventilation system installed in your attic is one way to guarantee that your roof deck will remain cool. This takes care of the need to allow moisture to escape as excess amounts are produced by bathing, doing laundry and cooking.

residential home in winter covered with snow, roofing
Another way to protect your home is adequately insulating your attic. Most homes built prior to the 1980’s were not fitted with the proper insulation while newer homes should meet more up-to-date standards. The thickness of insulation is measured by R-values and there are recommended values for homes in each region of the country.

The final way to protect a home from ice dams is to invest in an ice shield or water shield. This product is a roofing underlayment which prevents ice from forming underneath shingles and flashing. Adding this type of product along with proper insulation and ventilation is a sure-fire way to keep ice off your roof and prevent any winter damage to your home.

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Friday, November 9, 2018

What to Know About Your Roof in the Snow

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Many areas of the country tend to experience some sort of snowfall through the winter months. During harsh winter seasons, the buildup of snow could pose a threat to your roof whether its a commercial flat roof or home's peaked roof. That is why it is important to know what to look for on your roof when snow starts to fall.

Many homeowners make the mistake of relating roof problems to how many inches of snow has fallen. Excessive snow on your roof is not determined by how much snow falls. Too much snow on your roof will be evidenced by weight and not inches. Wet snow is much heavier than dry snow, so it will not take nearly as much wet snow to cause a problem. Determining whether snow is wet or dry is the first step towards identifying whether or not that your roof is susceptible to damage.

Homeowners can check for problems without having to climb up on the roof. Instead, take a walk on the level of the house closest to the roof and check the interior doors. If any of them are sticking or having trouble closing, that is a sign that there is too much snow on the roof. Any cracking around the frame of those doors is another sign that there is an issue that needs to be dealt with on the roof.

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Once you have determined that the snow needs to be removed from your roof, consider the options. It can be done by the actual homeowner, although there is a risk that comes with that task. Climbing a ladder and then maneuvering on a roof in snowy and icy conditions can be dangerous.

A snow rake with a long handle is the best tool to use for those looking to clear snow off the roof themselves. However, it is always a much safer option to hire a professional. An experienced roofing contractor will have the proper safety equipment and tools with which to handle this task. It’s always important to note that not all of the snow and ice has to be removed, just enough to keep that load from being too much for a residential roof to handle.

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Monday, September 17, 2018

Roof Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

While not every homeowner is an expert when it comes to roofing, there are easy ways to help maintain the life of any residential roofing. Here is a look at the proper measures every homeowner can take to maintaining the life of their roofs.

Seasonal Inspections

Inspections can be done visually or by actually walking around on the roof. Be sure to check that all the materials on the roof are fastened securely. Look out for any loose flashing, shingles, nails or screws. Inspections can also extend to hiring a professional roofer to take a look around every year or so. Don’t wait until there is a hole in your roof to call a roofing contractor.

Clean Gutters

It is good idea to use a hose to pour water into the gutter every now and then. This eliminates any leftover debris and it will also let you know if there are any clogs in the downspout. If the water does not drain properly, use a snake to clear the clog or contact a roofer. A backed up gutter can cause a variety of problems.

Stay Away From Power Washing

Over the seasons, weather can cause algae and moss to grow on parts of a roof. The common solution would be to power wash that algae and moss away. However, the life of a roof is decreased with power washing. This method will actually wash some of your roof away, even parts that have not sustained any damage. There are specially made chemicals and DIY solutions that can be used in place of a damaging pressure cleaner.

Do Not Paint

Painting shingles may seem like a feasible solution when those shingles begin to show signs of wear. But adding paint on top of shingles will cause them to crack and wear down much quicker. If the shingles look that bad, then it may be time to consider roof replacement.

Check the Humidity

Excessive humidity can cause quite a bit of damage to a roof as it provides an ideal place for mold to grow. Regularly checking the functionality of any fans and vents is recommended, particularly in the summer, or for people living in warmer climates. Proper ventilation in the interior is just as important as durability is to the exterior of the roof.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

How Routine Roof Inspection Can Save You Money

Most homeowners don’t pay much attention to their roofs until a problem arises. That often leads to costly roof repair, much of which could have been prevented with a routine inspection. Here is a look at how regular roof inspections from can save you money.

Your roof does not need to be inspected every month, but it is a good idea to have a professional roofer take examine it at least once a year. Even if your roof is relatively new, there are several factors that could lead to problems.

Roofs are not made to last forever, so age will ultimately have an effect on your roof. Elements of nature are also unavoidable as weather damage can bring about problems. Normal wear and tear is one more inevitability.

In some cases, improper roof installation will lead to problems as will gradual shifts in the building foundation or frame. These factors make it important for a Charlotte roofing contractor to get up there and have a look around. Here’s a closer look at some of the areas that are examined during routine roof inspection.

Shingles – Problems with shingles could include cracks, curls, buckles or even some missing shingles. Nails protruding outward is also an issue that should not be ignored.

Flashing – This could become loose, rusty or bent over the course of time. Some flashing may even become dislodged or separated.

Caulking – Particularly around chimneys or skylights, caulking could begin to crack or dry up. There could also be areas on the roof where caulking is missing.

Gutters – These could become detached or a bit loose and if left unattended to, it could make for a lot of trouble in the future.

Fungus – Algae or moss growth on the roof should always be cleaned. These will appear as darker areas on the roof.

Fittings – Pipe vents should be equipped with a rubber fitting around its base. But these fittings wear over time and sometimes crack because of harsh weather conditions.

A routine roof inspection will also include a look inside the attic as the process is not just limited to examining the roof’s exterior. Problems underneath the roof could be just as troublesome as those problems on the exterior.

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Monday, July 23, 2018

Finding Uncommon Leaks in Your Home

Finding a leak in your roof is not always a simple task. Water could be gradually leaking into your home, but there is not always an exact trail that leads to the problem spot. Here are some helpful hints on how to find some of the more uncommon leaks in your roof.

The first thing to know is that not all leaks come from the roof. A residential roofer will be able to check out the entire roof and determine whether or not there is a leak. If there is not a leak in the roof, there are several other areas you can check.

The Exterior Walls 

The leak may not be coming downward, but rather coming through the bottom part of one of your walls. These types of leaks generally come from the outside walls of your home.

The Drains

It is not uncommon for drains to leak and some of those pipes are located just under the roof. This is usually brought on by a bad connection or loose seal. When it rains, the pipes can also fill up with water creating a downward pull. However, that same pipe may not look problematic when the weather is clear.

The Air Conditioner Unit

This applies only to air conditioners located on rooftop units. There are a variety of reasons why the AC unit might leak, such as an overflow of condensation. There are also instances when a roofer will not be able to detect a leak in your AC unit whereas an HVAC certified roofing technician would.

The Window Seals

Some houses have windows located above the rooftop. The seals on those windows are susceptible to deterioration and wind up leaking from time to time. This is not a major fix and can be corrected with a simple application of sealant.

The Skylight

While a skylight looks very nice in any home, there is always the chance that water can become trapped behind it. If your skylight is leaking, there is a good chance it has to do with the flashing on the roof around that area.

It is advisable to check these areas during the course of the year, preferably once with the change of the season. Catching one of these leaks early on could wind up saving you a lot of money in the long run.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Maintaining a Residential Roof

A new roof installation can be a costly expense and one that should require future checkups. Homeowners can do these checkups by themselves without having to hire a professional. Here’s a look at some simple ways to maintain a residential roof.

Regular Inspections

Inspections go beyond just looking for major damage from debris. This includes checking for smaller cracks, holes, missing shingles and any indentations in the roof. It is not always safe to go walking around on a roof. In instances where that is not a possibility, use a pair of binoculars to get a closer look. Harsher weather also calls for more frequent inspections.

Roof Insurance

There are affordable roof insurance plans that will protect your investment through any kind of disaster. Roofs are often covered through a homeowner’s insurance policy, but it is important to read the fine print. Some policies only cover so much and many of those policies factor in the age of a roof. This is an important area to look into and solidifying the right roof insurance could save you a lot of money down the line when it comes to Charlotte NC roof repairs or replacement.

Gutter Cleaning

Making sure your gutters are clean is an essential means of providing proper maintenance for a roof. A buildup of debris could prove to be very problematic, especially in the winter months. Water could wind up freezing and clogged gutters will force that water up into the roofline, bringing on the possibility of major leaks. It is also a good idea not to lean a ladder against the gutter when climbing up to inspect the roof.

Interior checks

It’s a good idea to get inside your attic or loft to take a look at your roof from the inside out. Check for any signs of daylight as it will indicate that there is a tear or a gap in between the shingles. Also, be sure to check for any signs of mold in the area.

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