Monday, February 12, 2018

Tips on Selecting a Shingle Color for Your New Roof

Selecting a shingle color for your roof might seem like a relatively easy thing to do. However, it can be a little more difficult than most homeowners would tend to believe it to be. When that time comes for roof replacement in Charlotte, here are some tips to help you decide on the right shingle color for you.

Look Around

Looking at a shingle sample in a store, online, or in a catalog does not really provide you with a complete picture. Instead, try driving around through various neighborhoods and take a look at the different shingle colors. Take notice of which ones work well with certain exteriors. For example, certain shingle colors work better with brick facades than they do with a stone facade. Seeing real life examples will help you along in the decision-making process.

Examine a Sample

Before you commit to a certain choice, make sure to get an actual size sample from roofing companies. This will give you a better idea of what it will look like. It will also have a combination of granules within the shingle that contribute to the overall color. Seeing this combination up close will help you match the shingle better with things like trim or shutters.

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Ask To See Software

There are a good number of shingle companies who have software that allows you to see a virtual image of your home with that particular color of shingle. There is software that will actually allow you to download a picture of your home and experiment with different shingles and colors. Mix and match different ones until you find a color that best complements your home.

Consider Efficiency

Owning an energy efficient home is very important to some people as it could mean a good deal in savings over the course of a year. Selecting a certain type of shingle could make a huge difference in attic temperatures, sometimes up to as much as 35 degrees. Roofs in climates that are warmer generally use lighter-colored shingles to reflect rays from the sun. In climates where temperatures drop in the winter, a dark-colored shingle works to absorb heat, which helps a great deal when it comes to melting snow on a roof.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Why Flat Roofing Installation Is Becoming More Popular

Flat roofing installation in Charlotte is becoming more and more popular on residential homes. However, not all flat roofing is completely flat. Some flat roofing contains small slopes which are recommended for drainage purposes. These slopes are sometimes very slight, but they help immensely when it comes to water runoff. There are also a good deal of reasons why flat roofs are gaining more favor among homeowners and here is a look at the perks that come with flat roof installation in Charlotte.

Easy Maintenance

The reason why flat roofs are easier to maintain is because they do an excellent job standing up to harsh weather. There is rarely ever a need to go up and do any patchwork, which is very different than the maintenance that often comes with shingled roofs.


There are times that call for someone going up on the roof to fix things like the siding or gutters. With a sloped roof, there is an element of danger involved. That element kind of disappears with a flat roof as one can walk around up there without having to perform a balancing act.

Cheaper Cost

Shingles tend to cost more money because they provide a decorative aspect. There is no need to pay for that extra curb appeal and the construction cost of a flat roof is usually cheaper. roofing contractors Charlotte NC encounter less complications on a flat roof and rarely have to make specialized adjustments.

More Rooftop Space

A flat roof enables homeowners to do a lot more on their rooftop. This could make for the simple installation of solar panels or HVAC and air conditioning units. Homeowners can even utilize that extra space for a rooftop garden.

More Interior Space

A flat roof means that the room underneath is going to be more proportionate. An attic will not have the narrow dimensions that are common with sloped roofs. Therefore, finishing off an attic will produce a much more accessible room inside your home.

Better Heating

Throughout the winter months, flat roofs do a much better job of absorbing heat and they generally do not have to heat as much space being as though they do not have unusually-shaped attics underneath them.

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